Importance of Colour


Colour is so much a part of our everyday life that most of us take it for granted.  Certain colours attract us to them more that others.  The colours you are drawn to can be an indication of your basic personality traits.

What Colour Is Your Personality?

Choose your favourite colour from this list and then read their meanings below:


RED indicates you are aggressive and outgoing.  You love action and have a strong set of desires.  You strive for success. You are flexible and can be easily swayed.  Everything is done to the extreme.  You enjoy life and live it to the fullest.

As a BLUE person you choose a calm and harmonious life.  You tend to be careful in the way you dress, act and speak.  Sometimes you worry too much about what others think or expect from you.  Loyalty in friendship is important to you.

As a GREEN person you well focused and determined.  When you start something, you are sure to finish it, when you want something, you are sure to get it.  You strive for balance and calm in your life.  Honesty is one of your best traits and you expect it from others.  Your reputation is important to you. You are a go-by-the-rules type of person.

YELLOW is the colour of the new, the modern and future.  The mundane, customary and traditional tend to bore you.  You can be quite intellectual at times and tend towards idealism.  You have a strong imagination and sense of creativity. Sometimes you can be shy and reserved.

As a PURPLE person you need to be aware of sarcasm that can sometimes hurt, even unintentionally.  There can be a tendency to take things too personally and are easily upset.  Your emotions rule you at times.  You have good strong creative abilities.  You like certainly unique!

BROWN is a steady, reliable and responsible colour.  You are good with money and security is important to you.  You need to be careful that others don’t take advantage of you.  If you want change in your life, go for it!

As a GREY person you do not like to get involved.  You would rather stay in the background and avoid attention.  You are not in the habit of getting carried away with things.  A door-to-door salesperson would have a hard time selling you anything.

A BLACK personality means you like to be in control.  You will often rebel against accepting things as they are.  You hold things in and hide your true feelings and emotions from others.  In public you are often clever and witty.

What Colours Mean For Your Future

Choose 2nd your favourite colour from this list and then read their meanings below:


RED indicates you are hoping to achieve an exciting lifestyle filled with action.

As a BLUE person you want to achieve harmony and balance in your life.

As a GREEN person you desire recognition and acceptance of personal views and achievements.

If YELLOW is your second choice you want to become involved in new things that help to create a better future for everyone.

With PURPLE as a second choice you will fascinate, enchant and seek stimulation from others.

BROWNS work to achieve security both physically and mentally.  Comfort is your main goal in life.

As a GREY person you desire to be uninvolved in the pressures of life and society.

If BLACK is your second choice you do not want to be dominated in lifestyle and will do whatever it takes to avoid it.

Choosing the Right Jewellery For You

As you browse through the Un-Lock-its, you will find yourself attracted to certain colours.  These particular colours will attract the energies you need in your life right now.  Remember, your higher self knows exactly what you need, even if you don’t think you do!

Lynn Stevenson is an artist, author, and psychic who has followed her passions to create jewellery and art guided by Spirit. Browse her jewellery and art to find the piece that speaks to you.