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Spreading the joy of laughter

It’s more than just giggles. It’s good for your health.

We all want more happiness and better health in our lives, don’t we? But the stress of the world and daily life can make it feel impossible to achieve.  As children, we see wonder and joy in everything…but as adults, it’s almost as if we’ve gotten how.

Learn to Laugh

Laughter Yoga brings that spark of joy back into your life! Did you know that forced and practiced laughter gives you the same joyful benefits of real laughter? And that forced laughter turns into real, contagious laughter?Laughter Yoga is no joke, though…it has true physical and mental health benefits:

  • Relieves Stress
  • Decreases Depression
  • Boosts Immune System

Are you ready to laugh with me?

Lynn Stevenson

Certified Laughter Yoga Leader & Laughter Yoga Ambassador

My kind of joy…

I never stop at the norm. My creativity guides me to explore and find ways of doing things that spark my passion even more. I’ve created a line of Laughter Lockits, named my dog Toby my Laughter Mascot, and developed parties for kids to help them learn to carry laughter throughout their lives.

Laughter Yoga
Let’s Laugh Together

Laughter Yoga Club

Laughter Yoga clubs are fun and free! Join me bi-weekly for a 30 minute session where we laugh our stress away and enjoy the contagious nature of laughter.

Laughter Yoga for Kids

Laughter Yoga parties for kids are a fun and exiting way to engage small groups of children both online and in person. A 45 minute online party includes Laughter  Lockits and Laughter Bags for each child and special surprise for the adult who plans the party!

Laughter Yoga for Adults

Laughter is a great way to connect with each other! Whether it’s with your friends for a night of fun, colleagues for teambuilding, or seniors to create a daily spark, I can help adults learn to benefit from the joys of laughter!

Laughter Yoga Training

Bring more laughter into the world and benefit from it’s rewards!!

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Let’s talk laughter

Contact me to learn how to join my club or book a party.