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Welcome to Unlockit With Lynn! I’m so pleased that you have come by my website to learn more about all that I do. I hope that you find something here to help awaken your passion, reignite your soul, and unlock your dreams.

I’ve never been one to sit still and just with the flow. I have spent most of my adult life leading my own business, growing with it, and adapting in the ways I have called to do. During my 35 years as a professional psychic, I expanded my business to include life coaching, art, jewellery making, writing, Laughter Yoga, and even hosting my own tv show. There is never a dull day in my business, and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Lynn Stevenson


Midnight inspiration

How Un-Lock-It With Lynn Came to Be

My psychic journey started when I went to see Lizanne Gallo for a reading back in the 80’s. Lizanne told me about a class she had starting the following week and knew she would enjoy it. I thought to myself “If I don’t like it, I can always quit,” and agreed to take the class. Much to my surprise, I was head of the class and loved it. With a push from Lizanne, I did my first psychic fair in Toronto before I had even completed the course. The rest is history.

Although I loved being a psychic, my passion was and still is helping other people “un lock” their fears and blocks and move forward with ease. As a result of a guided meditation, the idea for the Un~Lock~it was born.

I was first introduced to Laughter Yoga at a writer’s conference in 2016. I thought it was a great idea but didn’t follow through with it at that time. In June of 2020 I was guided to purchase a book on Laughter Yoga by Dr. Kataria. As I was reading it, lights started flashing in my head and my guides were yelling at me to follow this path. I connected with a Laughter Yoga Teacher in Nova Scotia, Helen Fong. I loved the course and earned my certificate as a Laughter Yoga Leader. January 10th of 2021, I was awarded the certification of a Laughter Ambassador.

I recognized the importance of laughter in our daily lives and as a result, have created the Laughter Lockit to attract laughter and joy into our lives and to remind us to laugh every day.

The idea of Un-Lock-it flowed into my readings as Unlocking the Future. With Laughter Yoga, Lynn is able to help people UnLock their laughter within and bring more joy into their lives. Working with children, it is not just about unlocking their laughter but also their imagination. After all, without imagination, where would we be?

A Writer, An Author, A Television Host


If there were two things I never thought I would be when I was growing up, they were a published writer and host of my own television show. I always had a creative passion for art and dreamed of life where art was my focus, but my mind never wandered in this direction. 

Over the years, I have been a feature writer in several newspapers in Ontario, I have published 5 books, and I have lead 2 television talk shows, the most recent being Third Eye View.

My Everyday life

Leading a Life with Intention

I live a life that walks the line between peaceful and exciting every day. I live in a small town in Southwestern Ontario with my husband Russ, and granddaughter Olivia. Our home is just outside of town where are surrounded by farms, fields, and even lions (you’ll have to ask me about that!). We live in an century home that was once the Rectory for the Anglican Church. I enjoy travelling across Ontario to bring my art and talents to people across the province. We have two wonderful little dogs who keep us on our toes and keep us laughing. 

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