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Laughter Yoga Training
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Become a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader and enrich your life with laughter!

Is stress, isolation, anxiety, or physical pain getting to you?

Laughter Yoga is a fun way to bring more laughter into your life.   Learn to Unlock your Laughter within and teach others how to Unlock their Laughter! Lynn is certified Laughter Yoga Leader and will happily help you learn how to embrace more laughter in your life.

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12 Hour Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Training (CLYL)


If you’d like to set up your own Laughter Yoga club, train the benefits of laughter in the corporate world, integrate it into your coaching or therapy practice, this course is for YOU!

This is a basic training on how to lead a laughter session for social clubs, corporate organizations, seniors, school children and people with special needs. You will acquire the basic facilitation skills of how to lead a group of people through laughter session and meditation. You will also learn the history, concept, philosophy and different steps of Laughter Yoga and meditation. At the end of which you will be certified as a Laughter Yoga Leader.

At this 12-hour Online Training you will discover:

  • Laughter’s physical, emotional and social benefits.
  • How to simulate and stimulate laughter.
  • Stress-relieving techniques that deepen creativity and build resilience.
  • The philosophy and history of Laughter Yoga and fundamentals of leading a laughter session.
  • How to lead your own community Laughter Club or Laughter sessions (healthy-workplace, healthcare, seniors etc.).
  • Laughter yoga exercises that will bring more happiness and connection into your personal/professional life.
  • How to connect people with optimism, health and healing through a fun, playful and scientifically-proven form of exercise. 

Who Can Do This Course

Laughter Yoga can be value added to the following professionals – Alternative Therapist and Healers, Recreation Activity facilitators, Yoga fitness trainers and sports coaches, Occupational Therapists & Health care professionals, Psychologists and Psychotherapists, Nurses, Social Workers, Counselors, Health Care Workers, Professional Speakers, HR and management training professionals, School Teachers, Psychologists and psychiatrists, Entertainment professionals, Actors & Singers, Clowns and Comedians, Senior care workers, Marriage and family therapists, Life coaches and alternative therapists, Sales managers, Tourism professionals & tour guides. And last but not least, anyone who wants to add laughter and joy to their live.

Due to Covid-19 the physical trainings are on hold and all laughter yoga trainings are done online via ZOOM.

training options

Weekend Intensive

Join Lynn for two full six hour days of online training.

Six Day Training

Join Lynn for six days of training over a two week period.

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Want to learn more about Laughter Yoga, but not quite ready to become a Laughter Yoga Leader?

This is the course for you!

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Basic Learning Course


Basic learning course is a six hour workshop where participants get a basic knowledge about Laughter Yoga and how it works as well as learn about the immeasurable benefits it provides for the body and mind. You will experience a Laughter Yoga session and Laughter Meditation and learn finally how to get involved in Laughter Yoga and its different practices. You will also learn to laugh all by yourself and get some practical ideas on how to bring more laughter into your lives.

Due to Covid-19 the physical trainings are on hold and all laughter yoga trainings are done online via ZOOM.


training options

One-Day Intensive

Join Lynn for one full six hour days of online training.

Three Day Training

Join Lynn for three days of two-hour training sessions.

About Lynn

I started practicing Laughter Yoga in 2020 and was amazed to learn about all the benefits that are associated with it. I began my own journey to become a Laughter Yoga Leader later that year and love bringing joyful health and wellness benefits to others.

Lynn Stevenson

Certified Laughter Yoga Leader & Laughter Yoga Ambassador