Symbols and Their Meanings

Every symbol has a meaning. Below you will find some of the symbols that I have used in my jewellery and art and what they each represent. When it comes time for you to select a piece, you can either go with the intention of seeking a piece with a specific symbol, or you can allow yourself to be drawn to one and then find out after what it means. When I create, I don’t know who I am making each item for, but each item is meant for someone. Which one is for you?

ANGEL WINGS bring us protection, love, harmony and hope.

BUTTERFLY is the divine symbol of the feminine and teaches us about grace and tenderness. She brings with her powerful transformation, renewal and rebirth.

DRAGON energy attracts good fortune and new beginnings into our life.

DRAGONFLY brings us wisdom, change, adaptability and flexibility.

DOLPHINS bring us the gifts of intuition, joy, harmony, peace and inner strength.

FROG is about abundance, fertility, healing and cleansing

HUMMINGBIRD brings about independence, joy, courage, resilience and all things good.

PEACOCK tells us to be bold! He brings with him the power of trusting in the Universe, knowing that when the time is right the Universe will perform her magic.

PHOENIX is said to rise from the fire and brings us renewal, strength, health and transformation.

SNAKE is about healing, transformation and rebirth.

TREE OF LIFE represents wisdom, strength and longevity.

TURTLE brings us the gifts of determination, endurance and persistence.

WOLF brings confidence, personal power and freedom from limiting beliefs. He also brings with him the wisdom, protection and strength to achieve our goals.


Lynn Stevenson is an artist, author, and psychic who has followed her passions to create jewellery and art guided by Spirit. Browse her jewellery and art to find the piece that speaks to you.